Story was born in Venice in 2004 from the meeting among Dario Masciello and Luigi Scaglione. The idea was to create a community to share the art in its real essence. An open place, where everyone could show their work, projects and ideas. Over the time the website has evolved and the necessities, the requirements and the life of each component are changed. In 2010, Luigi Scaglione, after years in Venice, went back to Naples. He became the artistic director, and he established what is now the Audio-Visual and Performing Arts artistic workshop. In Naples he set up a stable and strong group, composed by professional sector and by young talents and the laboratory Tunnèl, located in the historical center of Naples, receive them in his space. Audio Visual and Performing Arts (A.V.P.A.) is a skills organization. Over time the group has expanded and transformed in Audio-Visiva  production where were born different projects: PRECARIAMENTE INSTABILI (PRECARIOUSLY UNSTABLE, Venice, 2009) with Dario Masciello who is the protagonist of the film, IL CONSENSO (THE CONSENT, Naples, 2011), in cooperation with Antonello Cossia, Maria Rosaria Virgili. In 2011 Oltrecielo left Italy , they went to Wroclaw in Poland to realize a short film titled BUS SCUM. That was written by Mario Cipollone in collaboration with the ARKA theatre and the FOSA polytechnic group.
In 2012 the IL PRINCIPIO DEL TERZO ESCLUSO - TERTIUM NON DATUR (THE EXCLUDED MIDDLEwas shown at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 in the section SHORT FILM CORNER. In July 2012 the Oltrecielo group made part in the TV show “all in 48hrs” and realized NO ALTERNATIVE. This programme was broadcast on RAI5 and the group won the Ischia episode and they reached the final in Rome.
In September 2012, in Naples Film Festival there is a competition with three of their productions: Bus scum, Il principio del terzo escluso and Il consenso.
Among the founders there are:
Luigi Scaglione, direction and art director.
Alberto Corona, executive producer.
David Della Corte, original music.
Simone Montella, writer.
Andrea Formenton, legal and screenwriter.
Luca Ranieri, direct contact.
Antonio Ferraro, director of photography and grip.
Marialaura Di Biase, Roberta Montesano and Mara Fioretti, organization, production and distribution.
Roberto Di Costanzo, editing.
Antonella Romano and Barbara Veloce sets and costumes.
Marcello Falco, grip.
Fabio Farinaro, operator’s assistant / follow focus.
Paolo Della Puca, cameraman assistant .
Daniele D'Ari photographer.
Gabriel Della Volpe, graphic.
Michela Iaccarino, press office.
Francesco Esposito Webmaster